Christian Barnett

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“A new type of workshop that gets ideas further, faster.”


We live in a workshop culture.
Many companies use workshops or collaborative working methods to generate and develop ideas. The theory is that better ideas are produced, at greater speed, with all participants being emotionally invested in them.


It’s great in theory.
A let down in practice.


A typical workshop day


A process intended to improve quality of thought and speed things up frequently produces lower quality thinking and ends up taking longer.


Workshops are run the wrong way round.


How it should be


Workshops should utilise people’s creativity from the outset, maximise productivity by not letting any idea stand still, and always provide a definitive output.


The Idea Accelerator logo (1 line)


It works for:

  • Brand positioning
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Creating identity
  • New product development
  • Campaign ideas


“The Idea Accelerator process has added a lot of value to us as an Agency, and for our clients. We’ve used it to create digital visions for some of our most innovative clients, and it helped our define our own brand positioning after our merger with Flow. The emphasis upon generating ideas quickly and creatively means you can get genuinely get further, faster. We love the fact that it is unconventional, but has the discipline and rigour necessary to increases the odds of success compared to the normal run of the mill workshop”

Peter Ballard
Co-Founder, Foolproof/Flow


“Christian is a first-class creative strategist, who brings a fresh perspective to brand propositions, communications ideas or getting the most out of your business. As a facilitator, Christian can steer even large or difficult groups towards a successful outcome, whilst helping to generate original ideas. Brainstorming with Christian is a pleasure. I always leave with greater clarity on whatever is challenging me, and some practical ideas for how to move forward.”

Kat Clark
Head of Campaign Communications, Greenpeace International


“We turned to Christian and his Idea Accelerator process to help us. While the final deliverable was a full-day messaging workshop with senior university advancement and comms leadership, the real key was the prep work…The output was terrific! Our team definitely plans to use the Idea Accelerator process again in the future.”

Tim McGowan
Deputy Vice President, Alumni and Development Marketing & Communications at Columbia University


I have facilitated, moderated, led, sat in, been bored by, contributed to, disrupted and been inspired by focus groups, brainstorms, workshops, off-sites and a host of similar sounding processes in a 25-year career as a moderator, advertising planner and brand design strategist.


The Idea Accelerator is the product of all that time and learning.


It’s not hard to run a workshop but it is hard to run one well. My approach is not rocket science nor based on gimmicks. Its success lies in the application of simple yet robust principles and has helped a host of organisations get ideas further, faster.


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