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Christian Barnett

Digital Branding’s Lack Of Experience

Why do the supermarkets and the banks and travel companies and a whole host of other companies with the resources to make a really good experience online serve us up boring transactional sites?

We have the technology and creativity at our disposal to improve things. There is also a good business case, I would presume, that as websites become increasingly functionally good that other things come into play to drive preference. The overall experience of the site for example, not just its functionality. If Google can turn looking at maps into a truly interactive and augmented experience, you would have thought the supermarkets could do better than a blank white background with the products on, or the airlines could do better than the ubiquitous front page series of drop downs.

This is the subject of a paper I wrote in 2011, originally whilst planning director at Coley Porter Bell, that was published in Market Leader June 2011. This is an evolved version presented at the first anniversary of Hot Source, a forum that promotes digital creativity in Norwich.

The paper is called ‘From builders to architects’. Enjoy.

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