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Christian Barnett

Detoxing Nike

Yesterday Nike agreed to detox. Nike agreed to officially commit to eliminating all hazardous chemicals across its entire supply chain, and the entire life-cycle of its products by 2010. Puma has already done so. Of the big three, only Adidas to go. It is only five weeks since Greenpeace launched their campaign.

There has been a short, ad-like Detox film, a consistent ‘logo’ for the campaign (the Chinese symbol for water), some stunts (retail mannequins giving up their day job, stripteases outside Nike and Adidas retail), a ribbon for facebook or twitter profile (a twibbon), ring tones, pc wallpaper, a poll and petition, PR coverage, and of course the science in the Dirty Linen report.

To take only five weeks of activity to get Puma and Nike to change policy is some doing. A great communications effort. A focused idea in many different touchpoints on a limited budget that has already achieved considerable success. Let’s hope Adidas follow suit soon. Go petition.

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