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Digital Branding’s Lack Of Experience

Why do the supermarkets and the banks and travel companies and a whole host of other companies with the resources to make a really good experience online serve us up boring transactional sites? We have the technology and creativity at our disposal to improve things. There is also a good business case, I would presume, […]

Adidas Detox

Adidas has joined Adidas have joined Nike and Puma in the face of Greenpeace’s campaign to eliminate hazardous chemicals in their production cycles. It’s a great result. For more, click here.

Detoxing Nike

Yesterday Nike agreed to detox. Nike agreed to officially commit to eliminating all hazardous chemicals across its entire supply chain, and the entire life-cycle of its products by 2010. Puma has already done so. Of the big three, only Adidas to go. It is only five weeks since Greenpeace launched their campaign. There has been […]