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Christian Barnett

Bow ties and champagne

A few weeks ago, amidst positioning an Ivy League’s Big Data capabilities, defining the core of a popular children’s cartoon, and advising on how to build a more successful business model for a global charity, Christian took an evening off to wear a bow tie prozac dosage.

It was a particularly dapper bow tie; dulled gold sporting red polka dots, hand tied and made of silk, (not a clip-on affair.) Which was good, because anything less would’ve looked shoddy as a part of the team that took home the Chairman’s Grand Prix from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Awards.

A digital project in the Financial Services category, Christian celebrated with some close Foolproof friends for their strategic and UX contributions to HSBC’s Expat initiative (www.expat.hsbc.com) along with partners Heath Wallace, Hill and Knowlton, and Lynchpin Analytics.

The site performed so well because its function, (unexpected from a bank), aligned the HSBC Expat services directly with an insight about the target audience. It’s only when you dig into the characteristics of the expat community (tight knit, camaraderie, stories to tell, tips and hints to share) that you see how ripe the opportunity is for a bank to provide a platform for allowing expats to share and receive advice on more than just finance. With a site designed to bring the idea to life beautifully, this was something unlike anything HSBC’s competitors were providing.

Surpassing all its targets, including generating new business, the team took home two prizes that evening, with the Chairman’s Grand Prix constituting the biggest award in the client’s calendar:

“In developing the Hints and Tips microsite, our aim was to engage with people earlier in the process of moving abroad and establish HSBC Expat as a trusted source of information for the international expat community. Winning both of these awards is absolutely fantastic, particularly the overall Chairman’s Grand Prix Award. Our team is relatively small at thirteen but these awards reflect just how cutting edge we are.”

Richard Fray, Digital Marketing Manager, HSBC Expat

Well done Foolproofers: Nicky Harrison, Matt Radbourne, Philp Morton, Anne Kehlet, Salma Yousafzai, Aimee Hunt, Nikki Lamb and Claudine Stubbs.

And well done Christian.

Bow ties and champagne suit you.

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